Our Company was established to become a reference on the market of the mechanical machining and to meet efficiently the demands of the steel and iron industry.

We try to conquest our market share and to keep it profitably and in long time.

We intend to supply qualitative products and impeccable services to our customers, and distinguish us from our competitors because of to our efficiency. Through the creation of partnerships and cooperation we want to make our technical knowledge available to our customers.

Our organization must be simple and efficient and is composed of expert, reliable and motivated people, that are also open-minded and constructive and believe in the importance of work in safety and respecting the internal and external environment.

Our workers can dispose of structures, machineries and instruments that are compliant with the safety standards and that respect the environment.

Our suppliers are selected not only according to their competitivity, delivery time, and quality, but also for their respect of the health, safety and environment standards.

Furthermore, we want to be different, also because of our organization, order and cleaning of our productive areas and for the respect of the regulation concerning health and safety on workplaces.

Working to improve constantly our performances we want to increase the efficiency of our services and the quality of our products.